775SP 7g Spectra/Fiberglass/Polyester Cut Resistant Glove

775SP 7g Spectra/Fiberglass/Polyester Cut Resistant Glove

  • $14.93

7g Spectra/Fiberglass/Polyester Cut Resistant Glove. Sold by The Glove


• ANSI Cut A6
• Lint free, cut resistant, and washable
• Color-coded hem
• FDA accepted for use in food processing and canning
• FDA accepted for Use in Food Processing
• Canning
• Glass & Metal Handling
• Pulp & Paper Processing TEST STANDARDS
• ANSI Cut A6

CARE INSTRUCTIONS Gloves knit or woven from Spectra materials can be hand or machine washed using soap or detergent. Spectra gloves may be bleached or soaked in other sanitizing agents. Washing temperatures should not exceed 194° F (90° C). Drying temperatures should not exceed 158° F (70° C), with drying time not to exceed 10 minutes, or excessive shrinkage can occur. As Spectra gloves are not water absorbent, it is recommended that the gloves be dried separately from more absorbent materials such as cotton or other absorbent fibers. This practice reduces drying time.