S.O.S. Service

When you use S.O.S. your company gets

Money Saved • Control of Products • Lower Risk of Liability

What you want and when you want it

When you choose Your Safety Company you get total control of your First Aid and Safety products. This means that you get control of your cost.

Van based service = don’t know when they are coming, what is going to be put in first aid kit, and most time an un-escorted non-employee wandering around in your place of business. These things can increase your cost and optional risk and liability

S.O.S. – Scheduled / Order / Service

S. O. S.

The Best First Aid and Safety Replenishment Service Available

Email us back to sos@yoursafetyco.com

How S.O.S. works

  • Choose the S.O.S level best for you -

Standard - FREE Notifications , Exceptional - $9.95 per year includes Quarterly Bonus Packages* and only $5.00 per order shipping, or Elite - $29.95 per year includes 12 Bonus Packages* plus FREE Shipping on all Your Safety Company supplies.**

  • Timely replenishment reminders help you stay in compliance and never be caught without adequate first aid and safety items stocked and ready for whatever the situation requires.

  • Once you set the schedule S.O.S reminders prompt you to check your First Aid Supplies and Safety Items.

  • We will keep an eye out for it. We will keep you informed with each step of the order.

  • Simply reply by checking either

I have checked our supplies and we do not need anything at this time


I have checked our supplies and will be placing an order soon.

  • If there is no reply, a second reminder will make sure it did not slip through the cracks..

  • If there is still no reply, a third and final reminder is sent to you AND an additional contact you choose. That way, even if you're on vacation or too swamped to reply, someone else in your organization can help and keep your supplies up-to-date.

  • If you reply that I have checked our supplies and will be placing an order soon. if we do not get the order we will send you a reminder. “ We didn’t get your order.” If you haven't placed it yet, that’s ok, these things happen all the time. We just want to be sure you get what you need BEFORE you really need it.

    * Bonus packages are a FREE sample of a variety of products ** excludes eye wash station cartridge refills

Let us get you set up and start the best first aid and safety replenishment service available. Choose the service level that is best for you needs. Standard (this level is FREE), Exceptional (this level is only $9.95 per year) or our Elite (this level is only $29.95 per year and it includes FREE SHIPPING)

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